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Estate, Vintage, Or Antique? Learn How To Classify Your Jewelry

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Jewelry is an accessory that people have been wearing for centuries. Originally reserved for people of royal status, jewelry has become a staple in most people’s closets. While many people love wearing jewelry, others are interested in selling it for extra income. Whether it’s part of an estate sale, a divorce, or just a spring cleaning, there will probably be a time in your life when you consider selling some of your jewelry. Learning how to classify your jewelry as estate, vintage, or antique will help you get the highest value...

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Pawnshop Loans: What You Need To Know About Turning Your Old Jewelry Into Cash

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Do you currently have some jewelry sitting in a drawer or jewelry box simply collecting dust after years of not being worn? If so, this jewelry could be the ticket to the extra cash you need in order pay for a much-needed vacation or cover an unexpected bill or other expense. Best of all, turning this unwanted jewelry into some much-needed cash can be easy with the help of a local pawnshop. However, before you jump in your car and head off to the nearest pawnshop, there are a few facts that you should know about obtaining a pawnshop loan. You...

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Want To Buy Gold Jewelry As An Investment? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Buying gold is an investment that many people feel can help them through tough economical times, whether self-induced or created by an economic meltdown of the nation’s finances. However, if you’re considering purchasing gold jewelry as an investment, not just any gold will do. Because the gold in jewelry has been through several processes to create hard, wearable pieces, use this guide to help you determine what to look for. Karat Count Because pure gold is not very useful for jewelry, jewelers use other metals to mix in with the...

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Getting Your Jewelry Appraised: 3 Questions You Should Always Ask First

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Whether you are having your jewelry appraised in anticipation of a sale or require verification of its value for an insurance policy, ensuring that each piece of jewelry is accurately appraised is an essential part of the process. Taking the time to ask the following three questions before turning over your jewelry can help you to accomplish this task. Do You Use A Master Diamond Collection? Far too many jewelers rely on master collections that are made from CZ (cubic zirconia) when appraising diamond jewelry. Originally, these CZ sets were...

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A Consumer’s Guide to Shopping Online for Bargain Fine Jewelry

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In this day and age, you can turn to the Internet to buy everything from food to cars, and everything in between. Even though you have the opportunity to buy anything you want online, it means that you should become a better educated consumer to ensure that you always get a fair deal. This is especially true when it comes to buying fine jewelry from an online seller. While most reputable jewelry stores online will be trustworthy, this may not be the case when you buy from an individual. There are certain things you should know before buying...

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3 Interesting Types Of Coins To Collect

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Money has played an important role in American society for centuries. Although most of today’s consumers rely on credit cards to pay for goods and services, coins used to be a popular payment method. Throughout history, some interesting coins have been produced. Adding some coins to your collection allows you to own both works of art and pieces of the nation’s history. Here are three interesting types of coins that you might want to consider adding to your collection in the future. 1. Mercury Dime If you were to take a close look...

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Want To Sell Your Gold Jewelry? Tips For Locating The Pieces That Will Fetch The Most Money

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If you want to sell or pawn your old, unwanted jewelry to make some quick cash, you’re in luck. Many jewelers, pawn shops, check cashing stores and gold purchasing stores will purchase your jewelry or give you a loan against its value. Since the price of gold varies daily and even hourly, you might not be able to accurately calculate how much you will be offered for your pieces on any given day. However, there are a few things you can look for before you leave the house so you can be sure that you’re taking your most valuable...

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Keeping Your Engagement Ring From The Prying Eyes Of Your Future Fiancée

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So, you’ve found the woman of your dreams and you’re ready to pop the question. In fact, you’ve already bought the ring, but you are afraid of her finding it before your scheduled engagement time. The following clever hiding spots are effective and inexpensive to utilize. Marker Tube Old chapstick tubes have become a popular place to hide valuables, but they may be too small for the average engagement ring. That’s why you should take a pass on chapstick and use an old marker tube instead. Start by carefully pulling out...

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Five Creative Ways To Propose

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Choosing the right engagement ring is only half the battle. Now you have to choose how to propose! All women want a great story to tell, so plan this out carefully. Find out if she would prefer a private proposal or a public one, then decide what you want to do. Here are some creative ideas to get you started. Public Proposals 1. Engagement party. Invite all of her close friends and family to a secret engagement party. Swear them all to secrecy so she will be surprised. Buy her favorite foods and play her favorite music. Have a friend pick...

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