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3 Tips for Picking Out Earrings for Your Baby or Toddler

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As the parent, you get to choose when you have your daughter’s ears pierced. Having them done when they are a baby or a toddler is super fun, and they will look very cute with their little earrings. However, because your daughter is so little, it is important that you do a few different things to ensure that the earrings are safe and pain free for your daughter. This article will discuss three tips for picking out earrings for your baby or toddler. Choose Earrings That Have Safety Backs Earrings are small and can be lost very easily. They are also easy for your child to stick in their mouth and choke on or for their siblings to stick in their mouths. To stop your child from being able to remove their earrings on their own and also to help avoid the earrings getting lost, you should purchase earrings that come with safety backs on them. These safety backs click or “lock” into place once they are pressed onto the back of the earring. The earrings can still be removed when the time comes, but this will take quite a bit more force. This stops your child from being able to remove them on their own and also helps to avoid the earrings falling out when your child is sleeping, playing, and so forth. This makes the earrings safe to wear at all times.  Choose Earrings That They Can’t Grab Your baby or toddler is going to be naturally curious about what is in their ear. Because of this, they may try to pull or otherwise tug on their ear to see what is in it. If they have a hanging earring in their ear when they do this, they risk actually ripping the piercing in their ear. This would cause them a great deal of pain. Rather than having to worry about this, you can instead choose earrings for your daughter that she isn’t able to grab, at least until she is a bit older. Stud earrings are perfect starter earrings for your daughter because they are so close to the earlobe that she won’t be able to grab and pull on them.  Choose Earrings That Are Made of Pure Gold or Silver Another issue that some babies or toddlers have with their ear piercings is a high level of sensitivity to what the earrings are made out of. For example, their ear may become infected or inflamed when an earring made of cheap metal is placed inside of it. To avoid this, you should only purchase earrings that are made of pure gold or silver. These earrings are much higher quality and will not cause the ear to become irritated. They do cost a bit more than the cheaper metals, but they are well worth the cost both because they are safer and because they last longer.  Talk to a company such as Rinehart Brothers Jewelers for more advice about what kinds of earrings are appropriate for your...

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Are Those Gold Coins Worth Keeping, Or Is It Time To Sell Some?

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Gold has traditionally been seen as one of the best protections against inflation for people who want a simple investment. Buy a few gold coins now, let them sit and gain in value, and if paper currency suddenly tanks and there’s inflation, you’ll get more cash when you sell a coin. But are you better off holding onto a large store of gold coins, or should you sell some of them and convert part of your stash into something like gold jewelry, or coins made of other metals like silver? Gold is still a great investment, but diversifying away from solely gold coins may be a sensible path. Banned Currency Is a Risk One issue with having only gold coins in your precious metal collection is that the type of coin could be banned or otherwise made unsellable. This happened with the South African Krugerrand, which was essentially banned (the U.S. Congress voted to prevent the sale of Krugerrands from South Africa to the United States) from 1985 to 1994. While Krugerrands were eventually welcomed back, their value as a coin to keep dropped because investors were now more interested in Gold Eagle coins. So it’s possible that one day, a type of gold coin you have could sell for less than it does now due to political issues. Or, your coins could become niche collectors’ items that sell only to people who are interested in that particular coin. That sort of happened with the gold Liberty Dollar, a private currency issued by a U.S. citizen. The Liberty Dollar and its compatriots were for sale on online auction sites, but the Secret Service banned at least one site from selling the coins. This ruling was later revised to allow the sale of newer silver versions of the coins that had modifications made to them. The older gold coins were relegated to waiting for collectors to buy them privately. There is likely gold scrap value in the coins, but you may find buyers less likely to want these because they are not official government-backed coins. Of course, these two situations focus on particular types of gold coins, and not all gold coins, but you can see how an investment that you paid for could quickly lose its appeal among buyers. Executive Order 6102 But you’re still not that well off if all you have are gold coins, even different types of gold coins. In the 1930s, then-President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102, which required citizens to turn in most of their non-jewelry/non-home-goods gold. So, people with large stashes of gold coins had to give up the coins. People were eventually allowed to buy gold coins for themselves again, but imagine being ordered to give up all of your gold coin investments. People were compensated with cash, but that cash itself wasn’t going to increase in value while sitting in people’s homes like gold would have. Don’t let these events scare you away from owning or buying gold coins; the chances of the Canadian Maple Leaf or Gold Eagle becoming pariah coins, or the chances that the government will again confiscate gold coins, are not really on the radar. But let history be your guide. It may be time to sell gold coins and increase the types of metals you...

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Buying Wholesale Jewelry Online: Tips And Tricks To Remember

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If you love costume jewelry, or even if you love expensive jewelry but want to buy it cheap, you can find a wide variety of e-tailers to supply your jewelry craving. If you have never bought jewelry online before, it can be a daunting experience. You are not sure what you might get, even though the featured products for sale are very lovely. Still, if you want to buy wholesale jewelry online, here are a few tips and tricks to remember. Ask a Lot of Questions Most products sold online have very brief descriptions. If something catches your eye but you just are not sure you should grab it up, call the company. Talk to a live person about the product and ask a lot of questions. You will want to know about the quality of the jewelry item in question, whether or not the company will accept returns (they are wholesale after all!), and whether or not you will have to pay for return shipping if the item does not meet up to your standards once you have received it and handled it. If the jewelry is earrings, also ask if they have a specific, no-return policy on earrings. Some jewelry companies will not take earrings back after you purchase them for the simple reason that they do not know if you wore them. Wearing them means that they could have come into contact with blood, or an infection in your earring holes, and then the earrings would have to be destroyed at a loss if they take them back (to prevent the spread of disease and/or infection). Sign up for E-Tailer Emails to Get Deals Sure, it could result in a lot of spam mail, but some of these jewelry wholesale places offer deep-pocket discounts on your first purchase if you are willing to sustain a little spam. If you see a piece you absolutely must have and you want a major discount, sign up for the company’s marketing emails. You can always get off their lists and block or filter the emails later. Scour for Similar Pieces If you see something you like on a internet-only retailer’s site, scour around. You may find similar pieces or the exact same piece of jewelry offered by several other jewelry sellers. You might be surprised to learn that some pieces are mass-distributed to numerous online retailers and you may get the piece you want for far less from another seller. Contact a business, such as Esprit Creations, for more...

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A Jewelry Maker’s Guide To Bead Buying

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If you create jewelry for a living and sell it to consumers, finding the ideal components to make your jewelry beautiful can be a challenge. When it comes to buying the best quality beads, it’s important to get them from a reliable source that can offer you the best items at the lowest prices. Here is some helpful information so you can source your supplies from a reliable provider that can give you high quality without the high price. Trade Shows Jewelry trade shows are a great way to find some really unique beads and other jewelry making parts and pieces. These shows are not only an excellent way to find good products, it is also an excellent networking opportunity. You will get a chance to talk with other jewelry makers and make some integral business connections for buying and selling in the future. When you go to a trade show, you can also physically see the beads you’re interested in so you can get a better idea of how they look in person, and how they feel in your hand. Being able to touch the product and see it up close can help you form a clear vision of what you plan to create. Wholesale Catalogs Wholesalers can provide you with a large quantity of beads at a much lower price. Remember that you must have a business license and a sales tax license in order to buy wholesale. These providers typically offer a larger range of stock varying from tiny seed beads to lovely handcrafted glass beads. Some wholesalers also provide precious and semi-precious stones for jewelry making. You won’t be able to see these beads in person before you order, but it can be a great solution for a larger project you’re working on where you plan to make several pieces to sell in bulk. Flea Markets And Estate Sales If you’re looking for a completely unique style of bead to use, flea markets and estate sales can be a great option. Look for vintage jewelry that is sold either by the piece or in bulk bags. You will be surprised at what you can find here, ranging from Victorian-era pendants to Czech glass beads. If you want to find something truly unique for your jewelry, these types of markets are an excellent choice. No matter where you source your beads, as long as you find high quality materials at an affordable price, you can make some amazing pieces of jewelry that can take your business to the next...

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Estate, Vintage, Or Antique? Learn How To Classify Your Jewelry

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Jewelry is an accessory that people have been wearing for centuries. Originally reserved for people of royal status, jewelry has become a staple in most people’s closets. While many people love wearing jewelry, others are interested in selling it for extra income. Whether it’s part of an estate sale, a divorce, or just a spring cleaning, there will probably be a time in your life when you consider selling some of your jewelry. Learning how to classify your jewelry as estate, vintage, or antique will help you get the highest value for it and make you a more educated buyer in the future. Estate Jewelry Technically, any piece of jewelry that has been previously owned is considered estate jewelry. Because there are separate terms for old and very old jewelry (vintage and antique respectively), the term “estate jewelry” is typically only used if the jewelry is less than 30 years old. If a piece of jewelry looks older than 30 years, you should ask more questions about when it’s from; shady dealers often create antique replicas and call them “estate jewelry” to try and fool uneducated buyers. Vintage Jewelry Vintage jewelry is technically defined as any piece that is older than 30 years, but the term is not typically used anymore if the jewelry is older than 100 years. For example, art deco jewelry, characterized by bold shapes and colors, was popularized in the mid 1920s, so it is referred to as vintage jewelry. Retro jewelry, which was inspired by what is now known as old Hollywood, also falls into the vintage category. Antique Jewelry Since vintage jewelry is cut off at 100 years, there has to be a classification for jewelry older than 100 years, and that’s where the “antique” term comes in. Antique jewelry is a title that is reserved for jewelry that dates all the way back to before the 1920s. While antique pieces are technically also estate and vintage, classifying a piece of jewelry as antique automatically indicates just how valuable the piece is because of its age. Many pieces of jewelry are inspired by antiques, but are not actual antiques, so don’t let the title “antique style” fool you. If classifying your jewelry has become confusing, this chart can help you keep your classifications straight. It’s also important to note that while jewelry is primarily classified by age, it’s occasionally classified by style; a piece may technically be considered vintage, but dealers consider it an antique because of its design. If you’re unsure about how to classify a piece of jewelry, a jewelry collector can help guide you in the right direction. For more information on classifying and selling jewelry, contact a company such as The Owl’s...

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Pawnshop Loans: What You Need To Know About Turning Your Old Jewelry Into Cash

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Do you currently have some jewelry sitting in a drawer or jewelry box simply collecting dust after years of not being worn? If so, this jewelry could be the ticket to the extra cash you need in order pay for a much-needed vacation or cover an unexpected bill or other expense. Best of all, turning this unwanted jewelry into some much-needed cash can be easy with the help of a local pawnshop. However, before you jump in your car and head off to the nearest pawnshop, there are a few facts that you should know about obtaining a pawnshop loan. You Can Sell Rather Than Pawn If you are not interested in the ability to get your pawned jewelry back or you know that you simply will not have the money to repay a pawnshop loan, you can choose to sell your jewelry outright rather than pawning it in the traditional sense. What this means is that rather than being given the opportunity to repay the loan and retrieve your collateral, you will be giving the pawnshop owner the right to resell the jewelry right away. In return for this right to immediate resale, pawnshops will often be willing to pay you a slightly higher price for your old jewelry. Consequently, this is always the best option if you are sure that you will not be retrieving your items. Pawnshop Loans Can Often Be Extended One of the reasons that many people choose to avoid pawnshop loans is that they believe these loans must be paid back in a very short amount of time. This can be a very difficult task for many people to complete while facing financial difficulties. However, the fact is there really is no need to stress over your ability to repay a pawnshop loan quickly as these short term loans can often be extended quite easily. In order to extend your pawnshop loan, all you need to do is return to the pawnshop before your loan expires and pay the finance charges on your loan. This will allow you to roll your loan over and enjoy a longer repayment period. Just remember, if you fail to show up before the original loan expires, the pawnshop owner will have the right to refuse your extension and choose to sell your pawned items instead. Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay your finance charges promptly in order to avoid the loss of your jewelry. For more information about working with a pawn shop, contact a company like Desert Jewelry Mart &...

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Want To Buy Gold Jewelry As An Investment? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Buying gold is an investment that many people feel can help them through tough economical times, whether self-induced or created by an economic meltdown of the nation’s finances. However, if you’re considering purchasing gold jewelry as an investment, not just any gold will do. Because the gold in jewelry has been through several processes to create hard, wearable pieces, use this guide to help you determine what to look for. Karat Count Because pure gold is not very useful for jewelry, jewelers use other metals to mix in with the gold to create the pieces you buy. The reason gold is not very useful for jewelry is because pure gold is so soft that you can move it around, fold it and even tear it apart easily with your hands. When you are buying gold, look at the karat (k) count. If you want to have a good return for your investment, it’s best to obtain jewelry that contains 18k to 22k pure gold. Because pure gold is 24k, an 18k gold piece of jewelry contains 6k of other metals; likewise the 22k piece will contain 2k of other metals. Weight in Grams How much your gold weighs is going to play a big part in the return on your investment. Dealers in gold use a Troy ounce to determine how much gold weighs. There are 28 grams per Troy ounce of gold. The more grams the piece has, the more it could be worth in the future. Workmanship Ask the jeweler to allow you to use his tiny magnifying glass to inspect the workmanship of the piece you’re considering. Gold jewelry that brings the highest return is that of very fine detail with little to no flaws. However, just because you are looking at a piece of jewelry with very little detail, such as a gold wedding band, it doesn’t mean that the workmanship is any less significant. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pendant with a lot of designs and fine detail, check to make sure there are no additional cuts, scratches, nicks or any other kind of flaws that could affect the value later on down the road. Ask a gold dealer for ideas and other determining factors when purchasing gold jewelry as an investment vehicle. Additionally, keep in mind that gold does not always go up in price and is subject to the whims of the New York Stock Exchange, as well as how well economies are going around the world. For more information, contact a company like Ed’s...

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Getting Your Jewelry Appraised: 3 Questions You Should Always Ask First

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Whether you are having your jewelry appraised in anticipation of a sale or require verification of its value for an insurance policy, ensuring that each piece of jewelry is accurately appraised is an essential part of the process. Taking the time to ask the following three questions before turning over your jewelry can help you to accomplish this task. Do You Use A Master Diamond Collection? Far too many jewelers rely on master collections that are made from CZ (cubic zirconia) when appraising diamond jewelry. Originally, these CZ sets were believed to provide accurate appraisal results by mimicking the color of genuine diamonds. However, over time, the accuracy of this method was called into question due to the fact that CZ stones change colors over the course of many years. Consequently, a CZ master set that provided accurate results a few years ago may provide completely different results when used today. If you will be having any diamond jewelry appraised, always insist on a jeweler who uses a certified master diamond collection. You will also wish to see a copy of the certification for this collection in order to verify the authenticity and color of the diamonds being used. Will You Be Enlisting The Help Of An Expert? This question is especially important to ask if you are planning to have any antique jewelry appraised. Since many jewelers are not experts in the market used to sell these antique items, it is extremely difficult for them to assign an accurate value to this type of jewelery. Consequently, it is quite common for jewelers to enlist the help of an expert when appraising specific pieces, especially when these individual pieces are part of a much larger collection. If the jeweler you have chosen will make use of an antiques expert, be sure to inquire about that expert’s credentials. You will also want to verify whether or not your jewelry will ever leave the jeweler’s physical possession. If the jewelry must leave the jeweler’s location in order to finish the appraisal process, be sure that the jeweler has enough insurance coverage to protect you in case the jewelery is lost or damaged in transit. Would You Be Willing To Defend Your Appraisal In Court? If you are planning to insure the jewelery for the full amount of the appraised jewelery, it is extremely important that you choose an appraiser who is willing to stand behind their work. This will ensure that you are protected in the event that the insurance company ever calls the value of your jewelry into question. This is especially important in the event that your jewelry is stolen and is therefore no longer available for inspection by an independent appraiser. For more information, contact a specialist like The Gold...

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A Consumer’s Guide to Shopping Online for Bargain Fine Jewelry

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In this day and age, you can turn to the Internet to buy everything from food to cars, and everything in between. Even though you have the opportunity to buy anything you want online, it means that you should become a better educated consumer to ensure that you always get a fair deal. This is especially true when it comes to buying fine jewelry from an online seller. While most reputable jewelry stores online will be trustworthy, this may not be the case when you buy from an individual. There are certain things you should know before buying jewelry online through an auction site or classified listing. You Should Always Ask to See Markings If all you see on a particular listing is one photo, you may never see that a piece of fine jewelry is clearly stamped. To make sure that the precious metal shown is what the seller says it is, you should always ask for photos of the markings. For example, solid gold jewelry will almost always be stamped with an indicative mark showing the karat of the material. Even tiny earrings will often have a marking. Precious Gems Should Be Verified Not every gemstone will come with a certification of authenticity, but higher value ones typically will. If you find a diamond ring or ruby necklace, make sure that the seller you find offers a certificate of verification from a certified gemologist. Then, make sure that you can get in touch with the gemologist who has certified the piece of jewelry as real, which should not be difficult as the contact information is usually listed on the documentation. Authenticity Should Be Carefully Considered It is way too easy for an individual seller online to say that what they have is a genuine Cartier tennis bracelet or was designed by a desirable jewelry artisan in the industry. If something is from a particular company or designer, you have to be careful to make sure the person you are working with is a reliable seller. It is way too easy to give way too much for a fake. This is why so many people will only buy fine jewelry from an actual jewelry store. Shopping online is a great way to get your hands on fine jewelry pieces at better prices than what you might find locally. It is always better to only work with true jewelry stores, such as Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry, in the business instead of individual sellers who you do not know much...

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3 Interesting Types Of Coins To Collect

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Money has played an important role in American society for centuries. Although most of today’s consumers rely on credit cards to pay for goods and services, coins used to be a popular payment method. Throughout history, some interesting coins have been produced. Adding some coins to your collection allows you to own both works of art and pieces of the nation’s history. Here are three interesting types of coins that you might want to consider adding to your collection in the future. 1. Mercury Dime If you were to take a close look at the figures depicted on American currency throughout history, you would notice that many of these figures are men. The Mercury Dime is an exception to this trend, with Lady Liberty’s visage depicted on the coin. First minted in 1916, the Mercury Dime was so named because the winged cap worn by Lady Liberty on the coin resembled the Roman god Mercury. If you are looking for a coin with an interesting backstory, then investing in a Mercury Dime might be your best bet. 2. Booker T. Washington Commemorative Half-Dollar Coin collectors with an interest in African-American history might want to consider adding a Booker T. Washington commemorative half-dollar to their collection. Issued in 1946, the minting of these commemorative coins was funded by a private citizen’s group. All proceeds generated from the sale of the coins were donated to various memorials honoring Booker T. Washington. Other commemorative coins featuring prominent African-American individuals can be purchased to help round out your historical collection. 3. Hobo Nickel The need for an activity to occupy the time of transient individuals in the early 1900’s gave rise to a genre of coins known as Hobo Nickels. Hobos, or transient individuals traveling the country, used the U.S. nickel as a medium for creating sculptural masterpieces. Many hours would be spent carving intricate designs into the face of the U.S. nickel, changing its appearance completely. Some common images found on Hobo Nickels include animals, whimsical characters, and religious icons. Adding a Hobo Nickel to your collection is a great way to introduce some folk art into your coin collection. Many collectible coins have significant historic value due to the interesting stories behind their creation. Opting to add a Mercury Dime, Booker T. Washington commemorative half-dollar, or Hobo Nickel to your coin collection allows you to own a unique piece of our nation’s history. If you are having trouble locating the coins you want in your local area, there are many unusual specimens available through online coin dealers as...

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